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Newborn Babes

Our Guide to Newborn Poses

There are a variety of poses we offer and plan for with each newborn session.  The goal of the full newborn session is to achieve all of the poses that the baby will cooperate with. With all of our poses- safety is our first priority! This means that poses that present a risk will be composites with hands on or near baby at all times.

Tushie Up

IMG_3321-EditFullThis pose is the ‘meat and potatoes of newborn photography. It shows off the baby’s precious squishy wrinkles and their baby toes.

This is one of our favorites – those little toes rest on the baby’s elbow while their little fingers peek out from under their cheek.

Facing Up- Bucket or Prop
This is a relaxed pose for babies that usually happens at the end of the session.

Pflugerville Newborn Photographer Baby in a BucketIMG_0501-Edit
A perfect Bucket of Love <3 We are kind of addicted to these!

Arms Crossed
A beanbag pose that showcases baby’s sweet face – very similar to when they are in the bucket.

Potato Sack
Wrapped tightly in layers-this pose is great for calming the baby and using props.

Huck Finn
Baby is curled up on their back with their legs folded up over them.

Not all baby’s will tolerate this pose, but it is oh-so cute when we get to do it with a super sleepy baby. Always done as a composite.

Tucked In
The illusion that the little one is tucked into bed-such a peaceful pose.

There’s something so snuggly about the wrapped baby all squished and surrounded by fuzzy flokati- Just a Dreamy look.

Baby’s hands are together under their cheek and their knees are pulled up with their legs aligned.

Prop Shots
Props are by special request and are usually accomplished as a composite.


Glimpses Captured Newborn with brothers, sisters, siblingsSiblings can be a rewarding challenge. We have a few tricks to make magic happen to create these treasured portraits.

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Fresh From Heaven :: Evan Tucker

Just a short time ago we were celebrating the arrival of Andrew and now he is welcoming his little brother!

V i s i t   U s   o n   F a c e b o o k !
S u b s c r i b e   V i a   E m a i l !